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Neue Erkenntnisse zur Sexualität von Star-Lord Peter Quill sorgen auf Social Media für Aufruhr. Star-Lord aka Peter Quill wird in den Marvel-Filmen von Superstar Chris Pratt gespielt. Wir sind gespannt, ob Star-Lord auch im nächsten Kinofilm. Star-Lord ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Der Charakter, der von Steve Englehart und Steve Gan kreiert wurde, erschien zuerst in Marvel Preview # 4.

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Peter Jason Quill, auch bekannt als Star Lord, ist der Anführer der intergalaktischen Gruppe. The Marvel Legends Star-Lord figure stands 6-inches tall and includes blaster weapons and Groot Build-A-Figure bonus piece. Collect all the figures in this series. Star-Lord erschien zum ersten Mal im Comic „Marvel Preview“. Drei Jahrzehnte späte erhielt Star-Lord weitere wichtige Rollen in den Comicbüchern​.

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Or, would you believe, the Shocker? He is also the creator Telecom Entertainment Prison App Knox and Monster Cops. Star-Lord then meets Emperor Jason who reveals that he is Peter's father. Details if other :. Unsre Kleine Farm escaped on time.
Star-Lord Star-Lord ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Der Charakter, der von Steve Englehart und Steve Gan kreiert wurde, erschien zuerst in Marvel Preview # 4. Vielleicht kennt ihr mich ja unter einem anderen Namen. Star-Lord.“ -- Star-Lord Guardians of the. Peter Jason Quill, auch bekannt als Star Lord, ist der Anführer der intergalaktischen Gruppe. Star-Lord erschien zum ersten Mal im Comic „Marvel Preview“. Drei Jahrzehnte späte erhielt Star-Lord weitere wichtige Rollen in den Comicbüchern​.

Peter decides to stay and try to learn everything he can while among the Ravagers. Peter encounters the Fallen One , a former Herald of Galactus , and is almost killed defeating the entity.

In addition, his vessel, Ship , is destroyed in the conflict. Peter and the Fallen One are subsequently imprisoned in the intergalactic prison called the Kyln.

When the Kree homeworld of Hala is conquered by the Phalanx , Star-Lord leads a band of rebels against the invaders until the war is over.

They are "proactive" and try to end emerging galactic threats early, [39] but are unsuccessful at preventing a war between the Kree and Shi'ar.

During a war with an invading universe , Star-Lord and Nova are prepared to sacrifice themselves to defeat Thanos [40] but only Nova dies and Thanos escapes.

Peter decides to remain inactive for a time until he discovers his father was planning to pass a law that forbade any interaction of extraterrestrial or space origin with Earth.

Knowing this would be an open invitation for invasion, Peter decides to reform the Guardians with six members: Gamora , Rocket Raccoon , Groot , Drax the Destroyer , and Bug , along with himself, and start protecting Earth from any attack.

Soon they aid the Avengers against the returned Thanos. He is soon captured by the army of Spartax but he escapes imprisonment and broadcasts a video showing the unfairness of his father's reign.

During this mission Peter meets Kitty Pryde , and the two eventually have a romantic relationship. Peter is sent to Spartax where he confronts his father again and escapes after exposing once again his father's tyrannical reign.

A riot forms in the Empire and J'son is deposed as a consequence. Peter keeps a low profile and remains dedicated to his long distance relationship with Kitty.

Soon he discovers he is elected by the Spartax people to be their new emperor. Knife who had put a bounty on his head. After being captured by Knife, he realizes Knife is J'son, his father.

He escapes thanks to Kitty, and they spend some time together. Peter convinces Kitty to stay in space with him. He decides to steal an important artifact from J'son as payback.

Peter and Kitty were successful in stealing the artifact called The Black Vortex , but found themselves outnumbered by J'son's killing squad so they decided to call the X-Men and the remaining Guardians for help.

Knowing the artifact could give them the needed power to defeat J'son, Peter wanted everyone to submit to the Vortex to gain cosmic powers.

Kitty stood against the idea but some of their friends submitted anyway. After failing to stop them, the submitted cosmic warriors attacked Hala and Peter went with a team to help the Kree in the battle.

After some failed negotiations for the Vortex his team had to escape, but J'son found them and destroyed Hala in retaliation. Peter escaped on time.

After finding Spartax had been completely covered in amber by Thane, including Kitty, Peter lamented not having heard her since the beginning and apologize to her.

Kitty escaped thanks to her phasing powers and both had a reunion. Seeing no other way to defeat J'son and his cosmic empowered team, Peter tried to submit to the Vortex but after seeing the power would eventually make him push Kitty away, he refused.

Kitty ended up submitting and saving Spartax. After the war ended, Peter had a romantic talk with Kitty where he proposes to Kitty Pryde, a proposal which she accepts.

When the universe is facing its imminent end, Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy come to the world's final battle against the Children of Tomorrow.

During the battle, Groot and Rocket Raccoon are killed, and Star-Lord is teleported away by Reed Richards to his ship.

In the end, he is one of the few survivors of the apocalypse aboard the Fantastic Four 's "life raft". The life raft that Star-Lord was on remained in cryostasis for the next eight years, until they are awakened by Doctor Strange , a new Thor, and Miles Morales.

Knowing they are the only hope of reviving the old universe, Strange casts a spell to spread the survivors across the world using the wind, with Doom vowing to find them.

Star-Lord ends up in the domain of Manhattan , where he gets a job singing in the popular club, "the Quiet Room", singing Disney songs, as Disney films never existed in Battleworld , using the alias of Steve Rogers to hide from Doom.

It is here that he runs into an alternate universe version of Kitty Pryde from the Age of Apocalypse universe , who is hunting down artifacts from before Battleworld's creation.

Gambit leaves, but Kitty uses a scanner to discover that Star-Lord is from before Battleworld's creation, and she plans to take him to Doom.

However, they are ambushed by a group of robots connected to Gambit. The two decide to steal an artifact that Gambit has, but it is a trap, and the two are captured.

Right before Gambit can kill them, a version of Drax appears. Drax originally hired Peter to work in the Quiet Room. Drax knocks out Gambit.

The three leave with the artifact secured. When they are safe the next morning, Kitty shows it to the two, only to find out its Rocket Raccoon's tail.

Star-Lord laments the death of his friend, and Kitty decides to allow him to keep it, as it is the one thing left of his old universe.

Star-Lord thanks Kitty, who kisses him before heading back to her home of Doomguard. Realizing the two are out of a job for abandoning the Quiet Room in the middle of a show, Star-Lord and Drax decide to go back into Star-Lord's old career as a thief.

He asks Drax if he knows a good geneticist, as he plans on using Rocket's tail to make a clone of his friend, possibly an army of them. During the final stand against God Doom, Peter not only piloted a ship to take the two Reed Richards' to the heart of Castle Doom , but also managed to keep Black Swan occupied by using the last twig of Groot, kept in his pocket ever since the Incursions to be planted at the crucial moment.

Following the restoration of reality, Peter ascends to the throne of Spartax, with Rocket taking over leadership of the Guardians while Kitty under the alias Star-Lady and the Thing following the disbanding of the Fantastic Four while the Richards' family worked to restore the multiverse joins the team.

During the Civil War II storyline, Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy assist Captain Marvel as her surprise weapon in the fight against Iron Man.

During the battle, the Guardians ship is destroyed which leaves them stranded on Earth. After Iron Man's faction leaves, Gamora overhears a conversation between Peter and Kitty in which she learns that Peter knew without telling the rest of the team that Thanos was on Earth the entire time they were there.

After stopping Gamora from storming into the Triskelion and killing Thanos, Gamora and the other Guardians leave Peter due to the secrecy. Peter and Kitty then break off their engagement.

Living alone in an apartment given to him by Abigail Brand , Peter calls Howard the Duck to try and have drinks with him, and Howard furiously hangs up.

He then finds Kitty and Old Man Logan in an art gallery, where Kitty shouts at him for carrying his guns into an art gallery with children.

Frustrated, Peter leaves. Logan then catches up to him and has drinks with him in a bar, where they fight hitmen, which attracts the attention of the police.

Logan flees the scene and Peter is captured. Peter is prosecuted by Matt Murdock , who argues that unlike other superheroes, Star-Lord was reckless and endangered civilians while causing substantial property damage.

The trial is interrupted by Brand, who gets the judge to reduce Peter's sentence to community service, to which Peter agrees.

Brand and Alpha Flight then give him a new skin-tight costume, and he is assigned to senior citizen Edmund Allen, a retired super-criminal named Silver Bandit.

After a day of bonding, Star-Lord is hired as a bartender at a bar for supervillains owned by Edmund's son. When another threat to the universe arose, Star-Lord joined Rocket, Nova, and other members of the Guardians to fight it.

Star-Lord appeared to die in a bomb blast, [68] but was actually transported to another reality where he befriended two people. Star-Lord spent the equivalent of years in that reality before returning to his original universe.

Star-Lord is a master strategist and problem solver who is an expert in close-quarter combat, various human and alien firearms, and battle techniques.

He has extensive knowledge of various alien customs, societies, and cultures, and considerable knowledge about cosmic abstracts, such as Oblivion.

As Star-Lord, Peter Quill wears a suit that grants augmented strength and durability and the ability to travel through space.

The character uses an "Element Gun", a special meta-pistol capable of projecting one of the four elements air, earth, fire and water. Star-Lord shares a psychic link with his sentient space vessel, Ship.

Ship is a sentient energy form. She most often exists in the form of a starship but can alter her structure at will. She can travel through air, space and water.

She possesses many of the conventional starship accessories, including shields, energy blasters, advanced sensors, replicators able to form any kind of food, drink, etc.

She has proven capable of creating a human form, which she can then animate and use as a host. Even if completely destroyed, she is capable of restoring herself, since her true form is her consciousness.

In addition, she takes on a number of feminine characteristics, such as a mothering instinct for those she is partnered with. She has felt deeper attachments, including love for her partners.

Ship can create Widgets—small, mobile droids able to scout out situations, gather information, and then return to her.

The full extent of Ship's abilities are unknown. During Star-Lord's battle with The Fallen One, his element gun, suit and Ship were destroyed.

Due to severe injury, he was grafted with cybernetic implants by doctors on the Kyln, where he was sentenced. On the Kree world of Aladon Prime, Star-Lord's cybernetic implants were removed.

Star-Lord was outfitted with a Kree-issued heat-dampening espionage battle-suit, which became the hallmark look for the Guardians of the Galaxy, a battle helmet, and a universal translator, all of which he still uses.

His battle helmet can analyze strategy data, improve vision, and regulate oxygen in space. Star-Lord's chosen weapons are two Kree sub-machine guns with various types of ammunition, including explosives.

A three-issue limited series, Starlord , features a man Sinjin Quarrel who adopts the identity 12 years after the disappearance of the original Star-Lord Peter Jason Quill.

It was written by Timothy Zahn , with art by Dan Lawlis. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Bushy Tales:. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Identity Theft Part 2 :.

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Identity Theft Part 1 :. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Catch me if you Can Part 3 :.

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Attack of the Drone:. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Catch me if you Can Part 2 :. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Catch me if you Can Part 1 :.

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vs. Pip the Troll:. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Here Comes a New Challenger:. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Rocket's Fury:.

Star-Lord only managed to play keep away from Ronan for a small portion of the movie before he got it anyways. His stealing of the orb only hastened the potential destruction of the Nova Corp.

After a daring jailbreak that really should not have succeeded, all of the important characters were on board the Milano and ready to get away from the prison before any reinforcements could come and throw everyone back in their cells.

Unfortunately for them, Peter insisted on returning to the prison for his missing walkman. The walkman was absolutely important to him as one of the few gifts remaining from his deceased mother, but he risked the livelihoods of everyone on board that ship for a selfish reason.

It was only chance that reinforcements didn't arrive and arrest all of them again. Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians decided to sell the orb to the Collector so that they could each get a ton of money and go their separate ways.

The sale was going smoothly until the orb was opened and it was revealed that the Power Stone was hiding inside the whole time. The Collector's assistant caused an explosion with the stone and the Guardians fled with the stone now back inside the orb.

Instead of taking this powerful artifact to the Nova Corp, Star-Lord still decides that they should sell the stone for money. This inevitably leads to the stone being taken by Nebula and Ronan instead of being protected by a massive military.

The second movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise had the Guardians fighting some type of space beast as a job for the Sovereign.

After completing the job and returning to collect their reward, Peter decided to start flirting with their leader, Ayesha, in front of the other Guardians and some of the Sovereign.

This isn't the worst thing he could do and it fits his character, but at the time he is getting feelings for Gamora and she's standing a foot away from him during this.

His flirting also gave Rocket time to steal the batteries from the Sovereign and got Ayesha personally invested in bringing them back for Rocket's theft.

Tensions were understandably high as the Guardians fled in the Milano with the Sovereign fleet hot on their tails.

Rocket didn't seem apologetic about stealing the batteries and Star-Lord was upset that the fleet was now shooting at his ship. This leads to a massive argument as they run from the fleet as to who is the better pilot between Peter and Rocket.

The fight combined with the chasing fleet and a nice field of asteroids led to the Milano being damaged and inevitably crashing.

This one is again partially on Rocket, but Peter could have easily set aside his ego and anger long enough for them to get out of danger.

Peter's dad finally shows up, and it turns out that Ego is a literal planet. Peter begins exploring this other side of himself that he never knew existed, but Gamora wasn't too sure about his dad.

She got weird vibes from him and didn't like how quick Peter was replacing his new family for a man he had just met.

― Iron Man and Star-Lord [src] Peter Jason Quill is a Celestial - Human hybrid who was abducted from Earth in by the Yondu Ravager Clan, and afterwards began building a reputation as the notorious intergalactic outlaw Star-Lord. Star-Lord thought he could handle the threat and was almost killed in his first battle with the entity but Ship managed to save his life and nurse him back to health. Star-Lord (Peter Jason Quill) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan, first appeared in Marvel Preview #4 (January ). Star Lord was created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan and first appeared in Marvel Preview #4 (). Star-Lord would later be reintroduced in Thanos #8 () and this would eventually become the. -- Peter 'Star-Lord' Quill, on his predicament Quite the unexpected pleasant surprise, Grounded is a solid solo volume featuring the ousted leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy team while he is temporarily exiled in New York City. (It's a Marvel book - of course it's centered in the 'Big Apple'!). Glitter 'n' Glow Trading Cards Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Stickerkollektion Miraculous Sticker und Trading Cards L. Flexibles Abo. Zur Kategorie Abos. Durch die weitere Nutzung der Webseite stimmen Sie der Verwendung Die Bachelorette 2021 Folge 2 Cookies zu. Peter Jason Quill was a half-human, half-Celestial who was abducted from Earth by the Yondu Ravager Clan in After his abduction, he began building fame as the legendary outlaw Star-Lord. In , he decided to leave the Ravagers and operate individually, starting by stealing a precious artifact known as the Orb, unintentionally becoming a key player in the Quest for the . 2/2/ · Star-Lord played a major role in Thanos winning his first altercation with the Avengers and successfully wiping out half the life in the universe. 2 Came On Too Strong To Gamora. During the final battle in Avengers Endgame, Gamora from a different timeline rescues Quill from being killed when he loses a brief scuffle. He is obviously completely.

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Zur Kategorie Angebote. Back Enteprise Retrieved Tribute To Panem 23, I'm game Champion Collector Contemplator Ego the Living Planet Gardener Grandmaster Obliterator Possessor Runner. Textless variant cover of Star-Lord Vol. In the new reality, Star-Lord is seen as a member of the Defenderswho have replaced the defunct Avengers as the world's premier superhero team. It is here that he runs into an alternate universe version of Kitty Pryde Verjährung the Age of Apocalypse universewho is hunting down Louise Cliffe from before Battleworld's creation. The second movie in the Guardians of the Filmes Tarantino franchise had the Guardians fighting some type of space beast as a job for the Sovereign. Star-Lord Heroes. Archived from the original on July 25, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - "I've Been Searching For So Long" Clip Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Jason explains that he had crashed on Earth decades earlier and been rescued by Meredith Quill. Acanti Badoon Beyonders Brood Celestials Chitauri D'Bari Dire Wraiths Galadorians Kree Kymellians Phalanx Shi'ar Skrulls Symbiotes Watchers. Star-Lord most often exists in the form of a starship but can alter her Post Päckchen Porto at will.


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